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Documents and Forms

Some forms are available in multiple formats.  Please choose the format that best fits the situation.  All Microsoft Excel forms perform any necessary calculations so they may be completed online and printed out.  Adobe PDF forms are blank forms that may be printed out and filled in by hand.

Please make sure any forms submitted are correct and complete.  Any incorrect or incomplete form will be returned.

Folder Annual Audited Financial Statements (9 Files)
Download 2015-2016 Audited Financial Statements
Download 2014-2015 Audited Financial Statements
Download 2013-2014 Audited Financial Statements
Download 2012-2013 Audited Financial Statements
Download 2011-2012 Audited Financial Statements
Download 2010-2011 Audited Financial Statements
Download 2009-2010 Audited Financial Statements
Download 2007-2008 Audited Financial Statements
Download 2008-2009 Audited Financial Statements
Folder Expenditures (6 Files)
Download Expenditures 2014-2015
Download Object Summary
Download PRC Summary
Download Expenditures 2013-2014
Download Budget Transfers 2013-2014
Download Budget Transfers 2014-2015
Folder Accounting (13 Files)
Download Booster Club Fundraising Report
Download CCS Pool Investment Forms
Download Certificate of Resale
Download Fund Raising Forms
Download Fund Raising Request Form
Download NC Sales & Use Tax Information
Download Report to School Treasurer
Download Sales Tax Worksheet-July 2012
Download School Chart of Accounts
Download Tax Deductible Contribution Receipts (Fill-in)
Download Tax Deductible Contribution Receipts (Write-in)
Download Ticket Log & Reports (Fill-in)
Download Ticket Log & Reports (Write-in)
Folder Accounts Payable (5 Files)
Download 2015-2016 Accounts Payable & P-Card Calendar
Download 2016-2017 Accounts Payable Calendar
Download CCS Form W-9
Download Guidelines for Check Requests
Download Request for Check
Folder Budget (11 Files)
Download 2014-2015 Adopted Budget
Download Budget Transfer Request Form
Download Budget Transfer Request Form Instructions
Download NCDPI Chart of Accounts
Download NCDPI Chart of Accounts Information
Download 2009-2010 Adopted Budgets
Download 2010-2011 Adopted Budgets
Download 2011-2012 Adopted Budgets
Download 2012-2013 Adopted Budgets
Download 2013-2014 Adopted Budgets
Download 2013-2014 Allotment Policy Manual
Folder ISIS Version 6 Tutorials (11 Files)
Download Accounts Payable
Download BAAS - Initial Submission
Download BAAS-Amendments
Download Positive Pay
Download Printing Checks
Download Processing a Payroll
Download Receipts & Deposits
Download Requisitions & Approvals
Download Timekeeper PIN Setup
Download How to view pay advices in Timekeeper
Download How to create & approve requisitions
Folder Payroll (17 Files)
Download 16-17 Payroll Calendar
Download 16-17 Payroll Calendar.Excel
Download 2017 Federal W-4 Form
Download 2017 NC-4 Form
Download 2017 NC-4EZ Form
Download W-2 Information
Download 2015-2016 Installment Pay Request
Download Extra Duty Reimbursement Form
Download CCS Overtime Approval Form
Download Direct Deposit Authorization Form
Download Personnel Activity Report
Download Voluntary Shared Leave Form
Download Extended Sick Leave Form
Download FLSA Volunteer Waiver Form
Download Payroll Deduction Change Form (Fill-in)
Download Payroll Deduction Change Form (Write-in)
Download Viewing & Printing Pay Advices
Folder P-Card Program (22 Files)
Download Department P-Card Ledger & Recon 2016-2017
Download School P-Card Ledger & Recon 2016-2017
Download Cardholder Agreement Form
Download CCS P-Card for Coordinators
Download CCS P-Card for Cardholder Managers
Download Purchasing Food with P-Card
Download Food Pre-approval Form
Download P-Card Ledger Tutorial 2015-2016
Download P-Card Forms Tutorial
Download Department Encumbrance Request Form
Download School Encumbrance Request Form
Download Missing Documentation Form
Download P-Card Log Form
Download Transaction Dispute Form
Download Employee Notification Letter
Download NCASBO Presentation
Download Email Attachments Tutorial
Download P-Card Policy Manual
Download General MCC List
Download Maintenance MCC List
Download Transporation MCC List
Download Individual MCC List
Folder Purchasing (7 Files)
Download Contractual Agreement Form
Download Purchasing & Receiving Initiative
Download Purchase Order Missing Documentation (Fill-in)
Download Purchase Order Missing Documentation (Write-in)
Download Blanket Purchase Order Ledger
Download Toshiba Copier Supplies Order Form
Download Vendor Registration Form
Folder Staff Development (3 Files)
Download CCS Board Policy #540 - Travel
Download Professional Development Form
Download Tuition Reimbursement Form
Folder Time & Attendance (6 Files)
Download CCS Overtime Approval Form
Download Department Time & Attendance Form
Download Inclement Weather Procedures for Staff
Download Monthly Timesheet - 4 week
Download Monthly Timesheet - 5 week
Download School Time & Attendance Form
Folder Tutorials (11 Files)
Download Key to Financial Success at CCS
Download Online Professional Development Submission Tutorial
Download Online Professional Development Approval Tutorial
Download SchoolStream Initial Login Tutorial
Download Carholder Manager`s Tutorial
Download P-Card Coordinator`s Tutorial
Download P-Card Forms Tutorial
Download Email Attachments Tutorial
Download P-Card Ledger Tutorial
Download NeatWorks Scanner Tutorial
Download Form W-2 and Paystub Comparison - 2009
Folder Travel & Mileage (9 Files)
Download CCS Board Policy #540 - Travel
Download Local Mileage Form -After January 1, 2017
Download Local Mileage-Before December 31, 2016
Download Professional Development
Download Travel Guidelines 2016-2017
Download Expense Report after January 1, 2016
Download Expense Report After January 1, 2017
Download Excess Subsistence 2016-2017
Download Standard Milegage Chart
Folder Workers` Compensation (2 Files)
Download Accident Reporting Form - Form 19
Download Itemized Statement for Travel - Form 25T
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