Once a student enters the school building, he/she becomes the responsibility of the school. Therefore, if a student arrives before 7:45 AM, he/she will be placed in Before School Care for a daily fee. If students are not picked up by 3:15 PM, they will be placed in After School Care for a daily fee. If students are not picked up by 6:00 PM from the After School Care program, Caswell County Social Services may be contacted. Parents are not allowed to walk students to classrooms.

         School Hours are as follows:

    7:00 AM            Before School Care opens

    7:50 AM            School opens for students

    8:15 AM            Daily announcements via Panda News; Parents will be asked to sign in as visitors or exit the building

    8:15 AM            Tardy Bell; Instruction begins

    2:55 PM            All students dismissed

    6:00 PM            After School Care closes

     School officials will not allow students to be checked out after 2:30 PM of the instructional day unless the principal or his/her designee approves. Approval may be granted in emergencies or when a doctor's appointment card is presented.

     [Please see the Policies regarding Tardiness and Leaving Early]


     Students are not permitted in classrooms before 8:00 a.m.  Buses are scheduled to arrive at 8:00 a.m.  Car riders are requested NOT to arrive before 8:00 a.m.  When the 8:00 a.m. bell rings, PK- 3rd grade students should go directly to their rooms.  Those students who eat breakfast at school should place their belongings in their rooms and go immediately to the cafeteria.  4th and 5th grade students are to report directly to the cafeteria to eat breakfast and then report to their classrooms.


     All students at North Elementary will participant in Art, Music, Technology, Media, Physical Education, and Guidance programs.

          Art/Music: Caswell County Schools provides a semester each for art and music. All students will have regularly scheduled art or music on a weekly basis.

          Library/Media Program: During visits to the media center, the students are read to and listen to quality literature, participate in readers’ theater and storytelling, listen and create music, check out books, view video footage, and access the Internet. They have book talk experiences, learn about authors and illustrators, and share a sampling of various genres.

    Students may check out books from the media center at regularly scheduled times and during open check out with permission of the classroom teacher. Students who have overdue materials will not be allowed to check out books.

          Physical Education: Physical Education at North Elementary is aligned with the North Carolina Standard Course of Study and the National Standards for Physical Education. The following guidelines are implemented as part of the PE program:

    1. To fulfill the NC state requirement of 30 minutes of physical activity a day and to maintain student participation, a written statement from the doctor must be presented in order for a student to be excused from active participation in physical education class.
    2. Students are outdoors as often as possible to ensure proper skill execution and maximum student participation. Therefore, the “40-90” rule (40 degrees or below and 90 degrees or above) is used. Be sure to send a jacket or coat on cold days.
    3. Appropriate shoes must be worn in PE class. Sneakers (closed toe) are preferred. Sandals, flip-flops, and high heels are inappropriate. If a student wears inappropriate shoes on more than two (2) occasions, points will be deducted from his or her PE grade.

          Guidance and Counseling Program: The Guidance and Counseling program at North addresses the academic, personal, career, and social developmental needs of all students. The counselor plays an active role in helping students learn problem-solving and coping skills. The program includes:

    • Working with students individually and/or in small groups
    • Teaching whole group Character Education classroom lessons
    • Consulting with parents, teachers, administrator, and staff
    • Contacting and consulting community agencies as needed

          Technology Lab: The Technology program is taught to all students. According to the North Carolina Standard Course of Study for K-5 Computer/Technology skills, students are given instruction in keyboarding, word processing, using/creating spreadsheets, creating slide shows, and accessing databases.


    Students will not be allowed to participate in extra-curricular activities if they owe fees (Lost books, Cafeteria, or Day Care Fees). Activities may include Field Day, Award's Day, Black and White Ball, and Fifth Grade Graduation, as well as other school related events. A student who is absent during the school day may not participate in extracurricular events after school that day if he/she is not present at least 51% of the school day.DISMISSAL PROCEDURES

          Student safety is our priority at all times, especially during afternoon dismissal.

     Car riders will dismiss beginning at 2:55 PM.  All car riders will be escorted to the dismissal rooms by a teacher or teacher assistant. Students will remain seated in the rooms until their name is called to leave.  FOR PARENTS AND GUARDIANS PICKING UP CHILDREN DURING DISMISSAL: Please wait in the car rider line.  Do not park or exit your vehicle to pick up a student. When you get to the front of the car rider line, a staff member will ask you to pull down in front of a colored cone we will have placed outside.  You will wait here and your child will be brought to you.  TO ENSURE STUDENT SAFETY, PLEASE DO NOT PASS OTHER CARS IN THE CAR RIDER LINE.  Please be patient as we safely load students into cars.  Bus riders will be dismissed at 2:55 PM. In grades Kindergarten through Second, teacher assistants will walk students to the buses. Third to fifth-grade teachers will escort students to the car rider area and then proceed to the bus lot. 


     Periodically, we will have special programs that will be attended by all students. During these programs, we have high expectations for our students in terms of performance and behavior. Failure to respond appropriately in the assembly can result in denying the student the privilege of participation.

     Students will be recognized at the end of each nine-week period for perfect attendance, academic growth, exceptional behavior, outstanding character, and Honor Roll. Students will enter room in a quiet, orderly manner. Students will behave as a respectful audience. Parents are invited to attend; however, students must sit with their classmates.