Caswell County Schools / Child Nutrition Program Meal Charge Information


    Parents/Guardians are responsible to ensure that children have an adequate breakfast/lunch from home or sufficient funds to purchase school meals.  Students may apply for free/reduced meals each school year and at any point during the school year.


    ·         The charge procedure is designed to assist the student in emergency situations. Students who have insufficient, forgotten or lost meal money will be allowed to charge meals.

    ·         The charge option is not allowed for A la carte items/extra or snack items.

    ·         No A la Carte/Snack item purchases will be allowed until meal charges have been paid.

    ·         The Cafeteria Cashier will verbally inform students when the student has reached a low, zero and negative balance in their meal account.

    ·         In a meal emergency, the Child Nutrition Staff may allow a student to charge a regular meal purchase.

    ·         The maximum amount a student may accumulate in charges is $7.50.

    ·         After reaching the maximum amount of charged meals, a student’s failure to pay for previous meals will result in a referral to the school office for a conference with the school principal or his/her designee.

    ·         If a student reaches the maximum meal charge of $7.50 and is without meal money, as an emergency, an alternate meal option will be the type of meal that is offered to student.  An alternate breakfast shall consist of the following:  Cereal, Juice and Milk. An alternate lunch shall consist of:  Cheese & Bread Item (Sandwich or Crackers with Cheese), Fruit, Vegetable, and Milk. Please Note:  In situations where a student is lactose intolerant, an alternate lactose-free food item(s) will be provided, if medically appropriate.

    ·         The Child Nutrition Staff will inform the school principal/bookkeeper of students who have reached a negative account balance/meal charges.  The student /household will be contacted and/or receive a negative balance letter (cafeteria bill).

    ·         It is the responsibility of the student/ parent /guardian (household) to pay for any meals a student has charged.

    ·         The student /household will continue to be contacted until payment for charged meals is received.

    ·         Any unpaid meal charges will follow the student as fees owed each school year.

    ·         If a student ends the school year with a meal balance owed they will not be allowed to charge meals in a new school year until the previous meal charges are paid in full.

    ·         Graduating seniors with financial obligations to the school district, including any meal debt that is unpaid, will be required to pay the debt before participating in the Graduation Ceremony.