• Arriving Late/Leaving Early

    Students are expected to be in their classroom to begin the instructional day at 8:15 a.m. The dismissal bell rings at 2:55 p.m.

    Once a student has accumulated 3 unexcused tardies and/or unexcused early checkouts, parents will be notified by mail. Please note this could be 3 unexcused tardies, 3 unexcused early checkouts, or a combination of both unexcused tardies and early checkouts. Another letter will be mailed after no more than 6 and an additional letter will be mailed after the 10th unexcused tardy and/or unexcused early checkout. This policy will be enforced per semester which means in January, when the second semester begins, unexcused tardies and/or early checkouts will start over.

    Attendance Policy

    In accordance with G.S. 115C-378, every parent, guardian, or custodian in NC having charge or control of a student between the ages of 7 and 16 years shall cause the student to attend school continuously for a period equal to the time which the public school to which the student is assigned is in session. Every parent, guardian, or custodian in NC having charge or control of a child under age 7 who is enrolled in a public school in grades Kindergarten through 2n d shall also cause the child to attend school continuously for a period equal to the time which the public school to which the child is assigned shall be in session unless the child has withdrawn from school. A student who is absent during the school day may not participate in extracurricular events after school that day if he/she is not present at least 51% of the school day. School officials may request a parent/guardian to furnish medical statements if absences for illness appear excessive or questionable.

    ● Lawful Absences: The following shall constitute valid reasons for the temporary nonattendance of a child at school when satisfactory evidence of the reason is provided to the appropriate school official:

    ● Illness or injury, Quarantine, Death in the immediate family, Medical or dental appointments, Court or administrative proceeding, Religious observances, Educational opportunities (if pre- approved by the principal). Unlawful Absences: For students who are entitled to attend public school, unlawful absences are defined as:

    ● A student's willful absence from school with or without the knowledge of the parent, Missing the school bus, Vacations, family trips, or business trips (unless pre-approved by the principal). A student's absence from school for any reason other than those listed above under "Lawful Absences".

    Once a student has accumulated 3 unexcused absences, parents will be notified by mail of the absences. After no more than six unexcused absences, the principal shall notify the parent by mail that he/she may be in violation of the compulsory attendance law and may be prosecuted. After 10 accumulated unexcused absences in a school year, the principal shall review any relevant information pertaining to the absences. Depending on the circumstances, the principal may report the parent/guardian to law enforcement for school attendance violation.

    Written Excuse: State law requires that teachers record a reason for each absence. Parents must send a note to the teacher each time a student is absent that states the student's name, date of absence, reason for absence, and any special instructions. If the school does not receive a note within three days, the absence will be counted as unlawful.

    Students must be in attendance for half the school day (3 hours) to be counted present. If they leave before 11:30 a.m. or arrive after 11:30 a.m. they will be counted absent. Students arriving late for school must report to the office. An exception would be for a late bus. Tardies are recorded after 8:15 a.m. Parents must either come into the office or send a note stating the reason for the tardiness. The office will send a tardy slip with the child to class. Should it be necessary to take a child out of school before the end of the school day, parents should report to the office and request that the child be dismissed from school. The child will be called to the office. While the child is coming to the office, the parent must sign the child out on the computer. We will not release your child to anyone other than those listed on your child's information sheet, unless we receive written notification the parents.