• Reading

      RL.1.1  Asks and answers questions about key details in a text

      RL.1.2  Retells stories with key details and understands the central message or lesson

      RL.1.3   Uses and describes pictures and details to describe characters, settings, and/or events in a narrative

      RI 1.4 Ask and answer questions to gain the meaning of words and phrases in a text

      RL 1. 5  Know and use text features

      RF.1.4.b Knows and applies appropriate grade level phonics and word attack skills in decoding words

      RF.1.4g  Recognize and read sight/high frequency words without hesitation (193 words)

      L.1.2k Applies spelling rules using patterns, word families, & frequently used words

      L.1.2h  Uses correct letter formation and spacing

      L.1.1h  Writes various sentences using details

      L.1.2.c   Uses correct punctuation and capitalization

      W 1.2 write informative texts in which they name a topic, supply some facts and provide closure



      NC.1.OA.1 Solve word problems by adding and subtracting within 20

      NC.1.OA.3  Adds and subtracts within 20 using a variety of strategies

      NC 1.OA.6b  Adds and Subtracts Fluently within 20

      NC1.OA.7  Understands and solves addition and subtraction equations

      NC.1.NBT.1 Counts to 150, starting at any number less than 150

      NC 1. NBT .2 Understands place value of tens and ones

      NC.1.NBT.7 Reads, writes, and represents a number of objects with a written numeral to 100