• Reading RI3.10, RL3.10 - We continue practicing how to refer explicitly to the text to locate STRONG, POWERFUL evidence to support our thinking. We are also learning what it means to actively monitor your reading by using "fix-up" strategies during small groups. 

      We are have been reading and learning about planets and are currently working on a research project with what new things we have learned about the planets! 



      - Curently we are learning more and more about multiplication and division. Students are learning so many strategies that can be used to show their understanding of what it means to multiply and divide. 

      Strategies: Arrays, Repeated Addition, Equal Groups, and the Distributive Property

      We have been using those strategies to dive deeper into larger multiplication facts (x6, x7, x8, and x9)



      - We are curently working on adding suffixes to words that change the spelling when added. For example, making words that end in y plural. 


      -Upper case letters and connecting the letters to form basic words in cursive.