• Mr. Steven Hancock

    Room Number: 416 East Wing

    Phone Number: 336-694-4212 ext. 295

    Email Address: steven.hancock@caswell.k12.nc.us


    Course Description: Welcome to Honors American History. This semester, we will examine the political, economic, social, and cultural development of the United States of America from the colonial period through modernity. Topics of study include: early European expansion; the colonial period; the Revolutionary War; early nationhood; westward expansion; the Civil War and Reconstruction; the Industrial Revolution; the Roaring Twenties and the Great Depression; the World Wars; the Cold War; and modern America.


    This class will focus less on rote memorization of historical facts, and more on using history as a vehicle for critical thinking. Students will learn to become historians by analyzing sources, comparing different historical perspectives, and creating their own historical interpretations. Be creative and be fearless in expressing your opinions -- just be prepared to back them up with evidence!


    Course Objectives:

    • Analyze information from a variety of historical sources that represent a variety of historical perspectives

    • Exercise critical thinking and communication skills in both formal and informal settings

    • Interpret cause and effect relationships that connect the past to the present

    Methodology:  We will use primary sources, secondary sources, audio-visual materials, music, art, and artifacts to understand the evolution of the United States over the first half of its existence. Students will use several online textbooks for general information. Most information and assignments will be posted on Canvas under respective units.


    Course Overview:

    • Unit 1: American Independence

    • Unit 2: Antebellum America

    • Unit 3: The American Civil War

    • Unit 4: Industrial America

    • Unit 5: Boom-Bust and World War II

    • Unit 6: America and the Cold War

    • Unit 7: America’s Affluent Society

    • Unit 8: Making Modern America


    Course Supplies:

    • Writing utensils

    • Two-inch binder for notes, in-class work, and homework assignments

    • Notebook or loose leaf paper for in-class activities


    Grading Policy:

    • Homework - 5%

    • Classwork - 35%

    • Summative Assessments - 35%

    • Formative Assessment - 25%


    Classroom Policies: This classroom is a community of learners, and in order for this community to run smoothly, we all need to embrace the classroom expectations and procedures.



    1. Be Respectful: show respect to your teacher, your peers, and yourself at all times

    2. Be Positive: a positive environment makes learning fun

    3. Be Responsible: take responsibility for your actions inside and outside the classroom

    4. Try Your Hardest: hard works pays off in the long-run