• Woodworking I

    Course Syllabus



    Mr. JW Cobler


    Office: 507


    Course Time: Monday through Friday 1st, 3rd or 4th Period

    Location: Room 507, Vocational Building


    Course Description

    This course introduces career information, employment opportunities, and skills required for work in the woodworking and cabinet making industry. Topics include the woodworking industry, health and safety, design and layout, materials, hand tools, power tools, portable and stationary, preparation, construction and assembly, and finishing. English language arts and mathematics are reinforced.


    General Course Objectives / Content

    • Understand the cabinet making industry, and health and safety hazards and safe practices.
    • Apply design and layout procedures.
    • Understand materials and characteristics.
    • Apply appropriate use of hand tools.
    • Apply appropriate use of portable power tools.
    • Apply appropriate use of stationary power tools.
    • Apply surface preparation and finishing techniques.
    • Apply cabinet construction and assembly techniques.


    Course Requirements:


    Class Attendance: It is essential that you come to class on time and prepared. Attendance is taken at the beginning of each class and it is your responsibility to make up any missed assignments.


    Class Participation: Classes will consist of lectures, discussions, classwork and shop/project activity. Each student is expected to participate in a professional manner for all activities. PLEASE DRESS APPROPIATELY FOR THE CLASS and SHOP; loose clothing may be hazardous and BYHS Dress code is required of everyone. Attendance & Participation will be graded to evaluate the NC Essential Employability Skills.


    Quizzes & Tests: Quizzes given regularly during the course will cover the content of material from the classroom and shop projects. Unit tests will be at the end of each unit and will pertain to material from lectures and training conducted during class.  Make-up tests will be given only to those who are forced to miss because of an excused absence.


    Assignments: Homework and various assignments are to reinforce content covered during the class and help prepare students for tests. Detailed instructions will be given. Late work will not receive full credit; highest possible grade will be a 70% after 1 week.


    Projects: Students are required to participate in multiple shop projects throughout the semester. All projects will be thoroughly discussed and students will conduct training on the tools during the course. Detailed instructions will be given.


    Academic Integrity: All students must ensure that all work turned in for this class is their OWN work.  That includes quizzes, tests, worksheets and projects.  Those students who borrow the words or ideas from others without properly documenting that fact are guilty of plagiarism. Students found to be cheating will be referred to Administration for disciplinary actions.


    Grading Criteria:

                Classwork and A&P                                        30%                            100 – 90% = A

                Homework                                                         5%                             80 – 89% = B

                Quizzes                                                            25%                             70 – 79% = C

                Tests / Projects                                     40%                             60 – 79% = D

                                                                                        100%                           59% & below = F


    A comprehensive CTE Post Assessment (no exemptions) will be given at the end of the course for 20% of your final grade. Q1 & Q2 will count 40% each.


    Classroom Rules, Procedures & Disciplinary Policies: All students are expected to display character and actions that are above reproach. We will follow the guidance set forth in our Student Handbook and our classroom will be a safe place that is free from disrespect, disruption, dishonesty & disobedience.