• What's Jammin' in Music?

    This Fall:

    All students will be working on music for their music programs:

    Kindergarten is focusing on vocal skills, performing singing, boomwhackers, and music notation.

    1st and 2nd are working on the show The Incredible Reindeer.  2nd grade will lead the production with acting, dancing, and narrating.

    3rd, 4th and 5th will participate in an instrumental music program this winter, performing some favorite winter and holiday songs.  All classes are learning to play recorders and will perform at least one piece on an instrument.  Learning to play any instrument to the point students can perform is a large goal that takes many, many months of building skills and base knowledge in order to build up to any song.  If classes are capable of doing additional instruments, we will do so, but our performance will also feature active listening/creative movement pieces where the students help put together the choreography, and we will likely feature some singing as well.


    After Music Programs

    Kindergarten will continue learning about the basics of music notation and will expand their instrument repertoire.  They will also begin active listening activities using classroom manipulatives, and participate in music games.

    1st and 2nd grades will work with desk bells and drums.  2nd grade will begin preparation for recorders in 3rd grade.

    3rd and 4th grades will continue to work with recorders and, if time, another instrument of choice.

    5th grade will continue to work with recorders, instruments of choice, and ukuleles.

  • Rules for Rockin'


    We follow our Panda Pride in music:


    Responsible, Respectful, and Safe!


    In music this means:

    -Follow school rules

    -Take care of classroom materials and instruments

    -Be responsible for your own learning...participate

    -Be kind to everyone