• Classroom Expectations

    • Communicate - This will be the most critical this school year

    • Be prepared. Students should come to class each day with their materials

    • Be prompt, productive, and positive

    • Be respectful to fellow students and teachers.

    Attendance is mandatory. In the event of an absence students should:

    • Check desmos to complete the daily warm-up if applicable

    • Check remind for homework updates

    • Access missing notes from canvas or a friend

    • Check the missing work bin

    • You have 3 school days to make up any work after an excused absence.

    Cell phones must be silenced and placed in the class bin at the beginning of class or off and in the student’s bookbag. Phones must not be out during class unless we are using them for an assignment. If a phone is seen out during class, it must be placed in the bin until the end of class.


    • Students will receive 6 bathroom passes at the beginning of each nine weeks, with the option to earn more. You must bring your passes every day. You will not be permitted to leave the room without your bathroom pass.

    • Students should be gone no longer than five minutes and must go directly to the bathroom and directly back. 

    • You may not go during the first 20 or last 20 minutes of class.

    • If you lend a bathroom pass to a friend, that is between you and your friend. I have no problem with friends lending friends a pass, but that needs to be taken care of between yourselves.