• A one-year Physical Education I (ninth grade) course is required and focuses on the physical, mental, social, and emotional development of the individual in cooperative and competitive settings. The goal is accomplished through participation in movement experiences and application of movement principles found in team sports, individual/dual sports, fitness and wellness activities, and lifetime recreational activities. Rules, strategies, sportsmanship, and safety are emphasized in relation to active participation and development of knowledgeable spectators. Self-esteem is incorporated into all areas of the curriculum as well as the exploration of career opportunities in related fields.


    1. Upon completion of the course, students will be able to:

    A. Memorize and be tested on basic rules of team and individual sports.

    B. Display understanding of rules and skills related to different sports in game and tournament play.

    C. Develop positive attitudes and habits for healthful living.

    D. Physically participate in team & individual activities that promote social, mental, and physical health.

    E. Follow directions as given by the instructor or team captain in class activities.

    F.  Explore different lifetime physical activities.

    G. Encourage cooperation, good sportsmanship, and emotional control.

    H. Dress and groom appropriately for physical activity.

     I.  Develop leadership qualities.

    J. Explore career opportunities in fields related to physical activity, such as professional athletics, physical education instruction, personal fitness training, as well as many other activity-based fields.