Student Services

  • Student Services provides guidance and leadership to stakeholders in planning and coordinating various programs in the areas of prevention, intervention, and assistance. The Student Services Office works closely with and supports the efforts of School Counselors, School Nurses, District Social Worker, and Resource Officers in addressing the needs of students including attendance, discipline, academics, and health and medical.

    Social Worker

    The School Social Worker promotes and enhances the overall academic mission by providing services that strengthen home, school, and community partnerships and address barriers to learning and achievement. The School Social Worker significantly contributes to the development of a healthy, safe, and caring environment for children, while providing intervention and support services for students and families. Social Worker services include:

    1. Developing intervention strategies to increase students’ academic success and to improve graduation rates;
    2. Identifying and utilizing community resources to meet students’ needs; and
    3. Working with parents to access interventions and programs aimed at increasing students’ success in school.

    School Nurses

    School Health Nursing Services are an integral part of the educational process at each of the district’s elementary, middle, and high schools. School nursing services address the health needs of each student through a process of identification, intervention, and elimination of health related barriers which adversely affect student learning. School nursing services include:

    1. Individual health care needs assessments of students and staff;
    2. Health care plan development, revision, and evaluation;
    3. Instruction and oversight for medication administration processes at school;
    4. Emergency and injury care, planning, and training; and
    5. Assure that all health related procedures and treatments are performed safely and accurately by trained school personnel.