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Procedures and Frequently Asked Questions

***Accounts Payable checks are processed every Thursday***

All requests must be in the Finance Office by Tuesday at 12 noon. to ensure a check will be written on Thursday or it will be issued the following Friday.

Examples of Accounts Payable checks are the following:

  • Goods provided by outside vendors
  • Services provided by companies/individuals operating their own company on an as needed basis, not someone who works everyday (they are considered employees)
  • Costs associated with with workshops such as registrations and reimbursements for food, lodging, etc.
  • Utilities
  • Local travel

Request for Checks are to be used in only limited situations.  Click here to view the Request for Check Guidelines to know what expenditures are acceptable on a Request for Check.  These guidelines will be strictly enforced by the Finance Department.

Please make sure all purchases are with a purchase order/requisition. 

Do not call to place an order or stop by the store to buy items without a purchase order, the school district is not liable for these kinds of purchases without prior supervisory and/or  Finance Director approval.  

Reimbursement requests without prior approval will be denied by the Finance Department unless it was an emergency purchase  that  affects the health and safety of children.

Please make sure all appropriate signatures are  on Purchase Order/Requisitions and other pay requests.  This includes the payee (as appropriate), the supervisor/principal and /or budget manager.

When contracts  are approved by the Board of Education for service work, please complete a requisition/purchase order.  Please include the payee name, address and tax ID number (social security # or federal ID #).  When work is complete, please send a copy of the contract with the goldenrod copy of  purchase order, stating the work is complete and ready to pay.

Prior Approval/Reimbursement Forms are completed to request permission to attend a workshop.  These must be completed and submitted at least 15 days in advance due to the path this form may take for all approvals. 

Please make sure the receipts contain only the appropriate costs associated for the trip, no personal expenses should be included, as this will cause the receipt to be invalid and you will not be reimbursed.

Frequently Asked Questions