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Degrees and Certifications:

Middle Grades Mathematics and Biology

Mr. Robert Thomas

My name is Robert Thomas. I am a graduate of the University of North Carolina at Pembroke, where I received my degree in Middle School Mathematics and Biology. I currently live in Caswell County with my wonderful wife and son.

My objective is to maintain order and discipline in respect to the school, while providing a safe environment that promotes general well-being, ethics, organization and diligence. By saying that, I expect all of my students to work to their full potential and do their best in all assignments. This will require them to focus in class, take notes, and turn in assignments, completed, on time. In addition to this, we will work hard to prepare for the high school curriculum that they will see in the future.

I believe that each student can succeed in my classroom. Rigorous activities will be given to push students to use critical-thinking skills and think outside of the box. Although it will be rigorous, material will be relevant to everyday life. The most important aspect for the classroom that we will develop is a warm atmosphere where students can feel welcomed.

Every student should be in class every day and on time. However, I do understand that there will be circumstances that will require students to miss school. When these events occur, it is the
responsibility of the student to get and complete all make up work. These documents will be placed in a location where access will be available to students. If a test is missed, the student will need to reschedule a time to retake the test. If the student misses enough days that will make it difficult for the student to do well on the test, the student can take the test any time before the next test date. (It is the responsibility of the student to make up all work and get the information needed for the test).

Above all else, remember that this education is yours. The more dedicated you are to setting yourself up for success, through hard work and determination, the more rewarding the results will be. I can give you as many resources as you need, but it is ultimately your responsibility to make use of them.