Elementary Curriculum

  • The Caswell County school system is committed to building strong academic, social, physical and emotional foundations.  The goal of the elementary curriculum is to provide students with this foundation through a well-rounded educational program, using high quality instructional materials and strategies.  Each grade level curriculum is aligned to the new Common Core State Standards and the North Carolina Essential Standards. The curriculum reflects and encourages differentiated instructional practices, technology integration and application and active student engagement.

    As a parent, you can encourage your child to be actively engaged in learning by:

    • reading to your child on a regular basis
    • providing opportunities for him/her to read independently
    • having your child write either in a journal or personal letters to relatives and friends
    • playing mental math games focusing on estimation and problem solving skills
    • having your child help with shopping and cooking activities which involve making change and measurement
    • communicating frequently with your child’s school


  • Carol Boaz

    Elementary Curriculum Director

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  • Lacy Flynn

    Admin assitant to Elementary Curriculum Director

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