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  • Volunteers / Guest Speakers / Community Resources

     Caswell County Schools is aware of the value of community involvement through the use of volunteers in the school system and the important role that volunteers play in making our schools a success. In order to assure a safe environment for our students, individuals must be approved by the school system before being allowed to serve.

    All volunteers will be asked to complete a volunteer application. Once approved, volunteers will receive an ID Badge. Individuals can be approved at two different levels; the level of volunteer screening will increase as a volunteer’s contact with students increases and the degree of staff supervision decreases.


    There are two levels:

    Level I- only requires the signature of the school principal and is intended for activities that do not involve supervision of students, such as resource speaker, clerical work, outdoor projects, classroom assistant: copying and making materials, PTA/PTSO fundraisers/activities, athletic concessions, field day volunteer, school fair, test proctor, etc. This level allows individuals to work in the presence of staff members or other approved adults.

    Level II- requires a criminal records background check and the Superintendent’s approval. This level is intended for individuals who may be involved in supervising students, such as PTA/PTSO officers, tutors, mentors, field trip chaperones or dance chaperones, volunteer coaches, Book Fair coordinator and/or media assistant, reading a book with a student, club sponsors, etc.


    *All guest speakers, presenters, or community resources/programs must be approved by the principal prior to scheduling the presentation.  Once approved, these individuals will follow the established procedures for school visitors including dress code.