What : Freshmen Photos

    When:  Tuesday, Oct 19, 2021

    Where:  School Library (Civic Center Temporary Space)

    1st block - A-L

    2nd Block - M-Z

    Encourage all freshmen to get their photo made, whether they buy or not, for the yearbook!

    You may purchase online, or by package number / check and send to the library before Oct 18.  Otherwise, student can pay the day of the photo shoot.


    Packages Flyer here (Students received in Freshmen Meeting 10/12)

    2021 Fall Photos

    Order online

    Code number - FM373499 


    Freshmen Virtual Family Night_8-19-20

    Freshmen Virtual Family Meeting_8-19-20


    Freshman Transition Information for Parents & Students

    2021-2022 School Year 


    What is Freshman Transition? 

    Freshman Transition is a concept where we effectively bridge the gap between middle school and high school. Students will have a common core of teachers and subjects, and those teachers will set up their instructional practices in a common way so as to ease the transition. This will resemble a “team” that students are used to in middle school. 

    What is the Freshman Transition Team?

    The FT team consists of a group of professionals who collaborate regularly to support the success of each freshman student as they take this challenging step.

    Who serves on the Freshman Transition Team?  

    The FT team includes at least one teacher representative from each of the 4 core subjects- English, Math, History, & Science, as well as a representative from the PE department. (Reference the list of teachers & emails below). Mrs. Syeda Smith-Williams, Assistant Principal at BYSHS, serves as the administrator for this group of students and professionals. Ms. Worlds, the Instructional Coach at BYSHS, also serves on this team to provide instructional/curriculum support for teachers. Katherine Pinkleton serves as Freshman Transition teacher leader. Please contact her with general questions.

    Why Freshman Transition?

    • In most schools in the US, freshmen have the highest rates of discipline problems, truancy, and retention.
    • The team meets weekly to discuss and address concerns about students (and share info about those who are doing well). We contact parents/guardians regularly. We support ALL 9th grade students, not just those at risk.
    • We help students learn that THEIR CHOICES ARE IMPORTANT.
    • We believe that academics are  important and that all children can learn and be successful.
    • A successful ninth grade student will likely transition to a successful tenth grade student, and is more likely to graduate.
    • This can transform an entire high school “from the bottom up”!

    Freshman Orientation to the Library

    Contact info:  Main # (336)694-4212


    Katherine Pinkleton    ext. 253                                   katherine.pinkleton@caswell.k12.nc.us

    Syeda Smith-Williams                                                syeda.smithwilliams@caswell.k12.nc.us 

    Jeanette Long                                                           jeanette.long@caswell.k12.nc.us

    Kayla Gatewood                                                        kayla.alexander@caswell.k12.nc.us  

    Karen Worlds                                                            karen.worlds@caswell.k12.nc.us 

    Kelly McVay                                                                 kelly.mcvay@caswell.k12.nc.us

    Jarrett Hanks                                                            jarrett.hanks@caswell.k12.nc.us