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Temporary Masking Policy

In compliance with Session Law 2021-130, Senate Bill 654, The Caswell County Board of Education will review and vote on this policy on a monthly basis. 
Per BOE discussion on Sept. 13th, the BOE requested that specific consequences for not wearing a mask be posted so that the public is aware that it is addressed in the Student Code of Conduct.
CCS Code of Student Conduct Guidelines Addressing Universal Masking Mandate
The CCS Board of Education voted on August 9, 2021 for universal masking for all students and staff in Caswell County Schools.  On Sept. 13, 2021, the CCS Board of Education voted to approve a Temporary Masking Policy, in accordance in NCGS Session Law 2021-130 that was signed by Governor Cooper on August 30, 2021.  The Caswell County Schools Temporary Masking Policy will be revisited by the CCS Board of Education each month, in accordance with SL 2021-130.  The CCS Code of Student Conduct for 2021-2022 addresses rules and regulations for students which includes the current universal masking mandate.  Students not following the universal mask mandate will be addressed following the guidelines set forth in the CCS Code of Student Conduct in the following areas:
(1) Section 4:  Dress Code Guidelines (page 12) which includes the following statements (excerpt):  "Face coverings should follow dress code requirements listed above prohibiting offensive or obscene symbols, signs, slogans, or words and language or symbols oriented towards promotion or advertisement of violence, sex, alcohol, tobacco, or other drugs.  Unless otherwise informed, face coverings are required to be appropriately worn."   Section 4 also states:  "Each school administrator may add more specific guidelines about dress code for his/her school in the school's student handbook and/or parent/guardian newsletters."   It further states: "Failure to comply with dress code regulations could result in suspension."
(2) Section 5:  Student Insubordination (page 13) which includes the following statements:  "Student insubordination is defined as failure to follow school rules and/or directions of school staff.  Students shall comply with all directions of principals, teachers, substitute teachers, student teachers, teacher assistants, bus drivers and all other school personnel who are authorized to give such directions, during any period of time when they are subject to the authority of such school personnel."
1st Offense:  Up to 3 days suspension or penalty as determined by the principal/designee
2nd Offense:  Up to 5 days suspension.
3rd Offense:  Up to 10 days suspension.
For a severe violation, the principal may recommend a longer suspension.