Behavioral Support Teacher Assistant (2 Positions: Secondary & Elementary)

TITLE Behavioral Support Teacher Assistant: Secondary & Elementary Positions
  This is a Classified Position

The Teacher Assistant – Behavioral Support position provides:

Individual assistance that allows a student(s) to remain in the school/classroom with access to the curriculum and educational environment

Accompanies student(s) throughout the day in classroom settings/transitions to maintain the safety of the student(s) and assists with physical tasks and/or behavioral management needs

Collaborates with supervising teacher(s) to administer and/or monitor any therapy and/or special treatment required by the student(s)

Intervenes as necessary to ensure the safety of the student(s) and others

Assists the teachers with instructional and clerical support as directed

Additionally, participate and meet trained status with de-escalation and CPI interventions

Be able to physically perform CPI strategies and manage the physical requirements of brisk walking and frequent standing

Report to the principal and/or supervising teacher any issues or concerns regarding the student(s)

Additional duties may be assigned as determined by the Principal and/or EC Director.

Positions will serve multiple schools based on the district's needs.

QUALIFICATIONS A minimum of 48 semester hours of college coursework, an Associates degree or higher.  
SALARY RANGE State Salary Schedule
PROCEDURE FOR APPLYING Interested persons presently employed by Caswell County Schools should contact Dr. Carla Murray, HR Director, by writing a letter stating their desire to be considered for this position. Individuals employed outside of Caswell County Schools should complete an online application, cover letter, and current resume. Send application, cover letter, and resume to Dr. Carla Murray HR Director P.O. Box 160 Yanceyville, NC 27379, or email: