Mrs. Macedo Wins a Bright Ideas Grant from Piedmont Electric EMC

Mrs. Brittini Macedo
We would like to congratulate Mrs. Brittini Macedo, the Art Teacher at South and Stoney Creek for receiving a Bright Ideas Grant from Piedmont Electric EMC. Mrs. Macedo won the grant for her project entitled "Art Room Re-Boot - Let's Get Started." Mrs. Macedo is a tireless and innovative teacher who seeks out the best for our students and school. We are excited for her and the Art programs at these schools.
This award will provide additional supplies for new hands-on experiences for students at South and Stoney Creek beyond traditional art projects. Supplies will include, in addition to traditional supplies, felt, yarn, and student needles for fabric arts exploration; 15 lbs of Paper Mache mix and exciting, new animal face mask forms to add to our ever-popular paper mache unit. Money will also be used for replacement kiln parts, air-dry clay for Stoney Creek Students, and Metal Foil Sheets for embossing.
These materials easily provide our students with a year (or more!) of visual arts education beyond crayons and colored pencils- and will truly give our students a hands-on, memorable elementary arts education.  Mrs. Macedo looks forward to making masterpieces with you all soon!
We are excited for and proud of the work Mrs. Macedo does for our students!
Bright Ideas Grant